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phyllis.. that’s a familiar name 🙂 and it’s lovely

Amateur Rambling

*Since Heroine doesn’t have a name and I don’t want to refer to her as Heroine, I have, after great thought, picked out a name that I think fits her quite well: Phyllis.*

I did it! I watched the episode without falling asleep! This is a true feat, worthy of a yogurt cap medal because I swear, besides me trying to figure out who I liked best, nothing happened during this episode. In terms of boredom, I wasn’t as offended as I was by Problem Children, but still. I suppose a large part of the small amount of enjoyment I took from the episode stems almost completely from having read this really informative and fun post regarding the various routes in the otome game. Thanks to the article, I went in already have a basic knowledge of where the story could go and of what might potentially happen…

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Author: pikusenpai

i like yaoi okay

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