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let’s just say that zetsuen no tempest was one of the gayest animes this season.

Mahiro and Yoshino’s relationship is godly, I don’t know about you guys but these guys are just so shippable together. The feels I get when they’re together are wonderful.

And that episode, where Mahiro saved Yoshino without thinking at all? ( HE LEFT HAZAKE’S DOLL AND HAZAKE IS AN IMPORTANT CHARACTER OF THE ANIME ) I was just so amaze by how much he cares about him. This is why they are definitely canon now.


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AMNESIA – Episode 01 Ramblings

this is what i felt omg

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001AMNESIA (anime) is an otome game anime adaption done by Brains Base. It is set to go for 13 episodes in the 2013 WINTER Anime Season.


Basic Information for First Episode:http://otome-jikan.net/2013/01/amnesia-anime-debuts-first-episode/

WARNING: Spoilers from the game and also image heavy. You have been warned.

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