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It’s Either Love or Hate, Baby.

One week ago

“I’m sorry, Hayato.” A young man apologized tearfully.

The red-headed looked confused, why was his bestfriend apologizing to him?
He was pretty sure they weren’t arguing about anything. “What for, Aki?” He replied.

The young brunet looked everywhere other than his bestfriend and trailed off, “I-It’s because…”

“Hurry up and say it, dammit.”

He sighed, gulped, “I-I’m–”


“I like men, Hayato.”

The red head looked shocked, his eyes were wide. His bestfriend, the man he trusted the most is gay, and now he probably
likes him. Since gay guys like men, if you know what I mean.

“Ummm.. sooo, that means?”

“It’s okay, I don’t like you.” The brunet bluntly stated.

“Oh, good.”

He winked and added, “Yet.”

Hayato’s cheeks started turning into red, he tried to reply, but only stuttered a few dumb words that couldn’t be understood.
“akjsdkljhfdhfihhf ??!??!??”

“It’s okay, baby. I know you’re confused and all, but you’ll be able to understand soon.” Aki purred, this change of personality was not
expected at all.

“What the fuck?” was what all he could reply.

Aki leaned closer to his bestfriend’s ear, blocking him from escaping. His hot breath was all over Hayato’s neck, it made him dizzy. This was
too much for him. “We won’t be doing “that” yet, won’t that be a bit too fast? But, if you want to—”

This is getting even more intense, Hayato wasn’t expecting this to happen— he didn’t want to be a boy magnet.
“I don’t think I’ll ever want to!!” He yelled back, blushing madly.


Hayato pushed him off, and suddenly ran away from his bestfriend, even though, they promised each other that
they’d be watching a movie that day. He just wanted to get away from there.

‘I’m a man, I’m a man, I’m a man. Why the hell is he acting like he’s top, jesus christ?’ He thought while running away as fast as he can.

His bestfriend is a runner after all, he won two gold medals. That means, he really had to be fast.


Beep. Beep. Beep.

An alarm clock started ringing, the red-headed teen stopped the alarm, yawned and stretched. It was definitely going to be a long day today,
was what he totally felt.

He stood up and went to get ready for the first day of school.

Since that day, that fucking bad day. Where everything awkward started. Their normal friendship was ruined, it became really gay-ish.
Hayato started acting weird towards his bestfriend, he started treating him like a girl. He was still manly enough to do
normal guy things, Aki wasn’t “that” gay. He just like men, that was all.

The red-head went downstairs, to the kitchen, stole a bacon, and yelled, “Mom, I have to go!”


“I said, I have to go!”

“Can you repeat that again?!”



“THANKS, MOM.” He yelled back, and sighed. His mom was definitely deaf.

After that scene, he went outside and saw Aki leaning on their front gate, his hands in his pocket and obviously acting all cool and shit.
It made him mad,’Why is he still acting all calm after what happened? ‘Goddammit.’ He thought

“You and your mom were yelling at each other again, weren’t you?” Aki suddenly asked.

The red-head’s eyes widen, ‘Wait, did he hear all of that?’

The young brunet glanced at Hayato, his golden orbs glowing with amusement. “I heard it.”

‘ashdjsakgsdgfgfdf?!??!!? He can read thoughts now?!?!? Does being homo get you powers or—-‘

Aki sighed, “It doesn’t” He chuckled, and added, “Your facial expressions are easy to read, idiot.”

Hayato huffed, and grumbled, “I didn’t know.”

“Eh, well, of course.” The brunet started walking, and waved his hand, “Dude, we’re going to be late. Stop staring at my ass.”

Hayato gasped, and yelled angrily, “I’m not staring at it! I’m still manly!”

The brunet chuckled again, and smiled, “Of course, you are.”

He glared at his bestfriend and thought, ‘That was definitely sarcasm, I noticed that!’

But then, Hayato thought of something, he smirked darkfully, and mentally laughed, ‘This question will tip him off.’

“So, do you still watch porn or something?” Hayato cheerfully asked, his green orbs shining with delight.

The brunet sighed, and looked at his friend. He was asking him weird questions again, “Hetero or Boyxboy, man?”

“W-Well, I don’t know. What do you watch?” The brunet’s bestfriend stuttered, w-wait this was too awkward.

“I like boys, what do you think, Hayato-kun?” He smirked at his red-headed bestfriend.

Hayato blushed and looked away from him. “I wasn’t really sure okay, Aki? This is still new for me.”

“It did happen a week ago, you idiot.”

“After that stunt that you did to me, it still feels like it happened a few minutes ago.”

“….Dude, that’s stupid and too early.”

Hayato sighed again, and walked ahead, “We’ll be late for school, dumbass.”

‘I guess this plan backfired’ Hayato sadly, silently thought.

Aki looked at Hayato’s back, his eyes were dark with sadness, it wasn’t the same anymore. They didn’t laughed about random things, and
talked about random things that didn’t matter at all.

“I don’t really care.” The brunet muttered.

He glanced back at him, his curious green eyes gazing intensely, “What did you say, Aki?”

Aki returned his gaze, and looked away, “It really doesn’t matter.”

“Oh, alright then.”


Once they arrived at school, everyone started looking at them, like they were a bunch of aliens that were out of this world. Since, they
were so cool, and awesome.

“Oh my gosh, Aki’s still so cool and sexy as always !” A random girl whispered to her friend. Hayato guessed it was probably because of their
new uniforms, since, they were wearing black blazers and pants, and a white dress shirt plus, the official green school tie
with the school ensemble on it.

“Yes, yes, yes!”

“But, he’s still hanging out with that creep.”

“I fucking heard that.” Hayato yelled. Well, Aki was the one who was popular, and also a runner.
Hayato was just another person, who was the scary person that glared at everyone.
The girls’ eyes widen with shock, and ran away as far as they could before the red-headed teen kills them. Hayato glared at their retreating
form, ‘God, I hate girls.’

“You didn’t have to do that, Hayato.” Aki scolded.

“It’s their fault. Not mine.” Hayato scowled, and angerily replied.

“This is why people hate you.” Aki said, in a blunt voice.

“Thank you asshole, for telling me that.” The red headed was definitely pissed off with his bestfriend.

“You’re welcome, dumbass.” The brunet smiled happily, and replied.

Hayato muttered a few words that were not understandable for the normal ear, well, nobody could understand it. Only him.

‘God, I hope he dies, I swear, I’ll be more good and be religious, If you kill him, Of course.’ He solemnly thought.

Aki suddenly chuckled, and replied out loud, “I won’t die that easily, Hayato-kun.” The other students surrounding them heard and thought
that Hayato is definitely a scary man, and should be avoided at all costs.

Hayato glared at him, and grumbled a few more dumb words. The bell started ringing, indicating that the school assembly is about to start.
The two bestfriends, and all of the students heard this, and went inside the building.

Since, Aki is very smart, he is the one who has to do the first-day-of-school-kind-of-speech. Hayato never really wanted to stood out, so
he went to his line quietly, and tried not glare at anyone.

A teacher went up the stage, welcomed the new students, the 1st years, and the other students back to school. Which was really long and
boring, because students don’t really speeches.

“So, I hope this school year will be successful and lovely, and nothing bad will happen to anyone.” The young teacher happily stated.

Everyone else just stared at the teacher and boringly waited to finish his speech, they really wanted to hear Aki’s speech. He was the one
who had to do the speech again, since everyone who did good at the entrance exams mysteriously got food-poisoned.

The teacher, looked down and sighed, ‘Kids these days, if the principal was here, they’d listen’ He sadly thought. He gave up, he definitely
gave up on these students. He didn’t care if they died at all anymore.

“And now, I welcome our very own, Aoyama Aki” He said in a monotone voice, he was done.

The students clapped joyfully, some even howled, fangirls were screaming. They really loved Aki so much. His bestfriend, Hayato, was there
just standing, glaring at how stupid these people were. They didn’t know the real Aki. That fake-ass bastard could be a con someday.

The brunet went upstage, smiled at everyone, and started his speech.

“Since, I am a senior now. I would like to make sure, everyone feels like they belong here. Like I do.” He smiled happily at everyone, which
was really bright and sunny. It made alot of people blush, and steathly took pictures of him. For dirty uses.

“Last year, was definitely the most hardest year for everyone. Alot of things happened and it was good. But this year, I will make sure that
it won’t be like last year.” Aki chuckled, and added “I’m pretty sure the student council will do something about this anyway. And their president, wherever he is.”

Everyone laughed at that, and freshmen just looked confused. The student council president never showed his face. It was rumored that a
freshman would be picked by the student council president, in their last days of school. So, that means, the student council president has
been lurking with them for the past few years, and now that the president is a senior also, another freshman would be chosen.
It really didn’t make sense at all but, this was the rule. Even the principal liked lurking. Which is really creepy sometimes.

Hayato just shook his head at that, and smirked. “Idiots. Definitely, idiots.” Aki didn’t know his secret, nobody did. If he told anyone
about it in this school, everyone wouldn’t believe him anyway. He was a scary asshole, too scary.

The teachers silenced all of their students, and Aki continued his speech, “To the freshmens, welcome to our school” He winked at them,
the freshmen girls instantly fell in love at first sight, and the boys, well, they envied their senpai.

“You’ll definitely like it here, it will be fun! I hope you’ll find your place here.” Aki smiled sincerely this time.

Aki continued his long-ass speech that everyone loved. The students listened to every word and cheered. After it was done, they went back
to their respective classrooms.

Hayato took his time on going up, it’s not like it was going to be important. It was just homeroom anyway. His hands in his pocket,
the Student Council members glanced at him, and then he nodded in return, it was going to be a long year. The red-head then strode out of
that wretched place.


39 minutes after the School Assembly

“Principal, why weren’t you there? You were suppose to show up.” The young teacher scolded the man in front of him.

The principal huffed, and glared at his subordinate. While he was lurking in the hallways, the young teacher saw him and then, well,
called after him while he was being all stalker-ish, “I was busy, okay?”

“No you weren’t.” The young teacher quickly replied.

The man sighed in defeat, “Why do you care, Yuki? I was just observing our new students.”

“It’s because, a normal principal should not do this. He should do his job, as principal and also, take good care of his students.” The young
teacher now reveal as Yuki tried to explain.

The principal rolled his eyes, stared at Yuki and observed him, this moron was what the board of the directors hired to watch him carefully.
This was stupid, why would they hire a blonde to watch him? He was good at his job. He didn’t slack-off with his job all the time. He was
just taking a break with his paperwork.

Yuki sighed in dismay, “I hate my job.” He said particularly to no one.

“Yea, I know you do.” The principal murmurred a reply.

“And it’s all your fault, Shou.” The blonde solemnly replied back, and then stalked off. There was nothing more to add to this conversation
was what he thought.

The principal, now revealed as Shou, looked at the young teacher’s retreating back and sighed, ‘God, why is everything so complicated?’ He


The red-headed teen stared at his teacher, who was currently discussing about the upcoming events that could happen this year. He sighed, and
glanced at Aki, his bestfriend.

‘Why the hell are we in the same class?’ He thought. This never happened before, they were always in different classes. Hayato was always
put in one of those classes with alot of idiots that were afraid of him, while, Aki was in one of those perfect classes with smart people
to copy with.

‘How did I even get in class 4-A? Isn’t that impossible?’

Hayato narrowed his eyes in suspicion, his green eyes darken with malicious thoughts, ‘Did he suck someone’s dingdong to be here?’

‘Did he sell his body? No, no, why would he do that?’

‘Is his ass still a virgin anyway?’

‘Wait, why am I thinking of these kinds of thoughts?’

‘I swear to God, if I get turned on with this. I am so done.’

He rested his head on his hands and silently muttered, “I don’t think I can live with this.”

Aki looked behind him, and saw Hayato’s position, worried, he touched his bestfriend’s shoulder. Which made Hayato looked up, resulting
into one of those awkward eye-to-eye moments.

“Are you okay?” Aki whispered with worried eyes.

The red head arched his eyebrows, “What?”

“You were being all emo, so, I thought you were planning on doing something stupid again.” The brunet replied, sighed and shooked his head.

“What the hell? I was just—-” He stopped his sentence. After what he was thinking, He really didn’t want Aki to know anything about it
at all. He gasped for air and started again, “I was definitely being emo, but I was thinking of something that you shouldn’t know.” was his
dumb reply.

“Oh, so you were definitely being emo?” The brunet grinned.

“Wait, no. I wasn’t—”

“Kanzai-san, please listen to the discussion.” The teacher quickly cut him off.

Hayato glared at the teacher, the teacher flinched and then looked away, “E-Everyone n-needs t-to know about t-this.” He stuttered.

The red-head’s green eyes darken, everyone was like that. No one understood him, he wasn’t a bully at all. He tried his best to be-friend
everyone, it was just too hard. But, at that place— he is the boss.

Aki glanced back at his bestfriend, looked back at the teacher, and then sighed, ‘I shouldn’t have told him about it.’

After that, the teacher kept discussing about the events that were going to happen soon, about what they should do as a class, and then
the sweeper’s group, and lastly, the voting for the new class president, and other officers.

Murmurs about who should they vote started going on, obviously, they were all voting Aki for class president.
Since, he was, after all, the most smartest, and atheletic one.

“Settle down, class. We’ll be doing this tomorrow. We don’t have enough time to do this today.” The teacher waved them off. The bell started
ringing indicating that the teachers should go to their other classes now.

“Your next subject will be, Math.” The teacher smiled at them, and went off. This, of course, made the students groan with despair.

“Goddammit, Math? Is this some kind of curse from Satan?” A random student complained.

“What? That’s impossible? We have Aoyama-san in our class.” Another girl student chimed in.

“I guess having Aoyama-san means we have to trade something in return.” A guy student stated.

“That means?” Another fangirl random popped up.

“Math, as first period.” The guy with glasses said,

“Ugh.” Everyone groaned again.

Aki just grinned at their antics, and Hayato just blankly stared at them, their classmates were idiots.
Didn’t they read their schedules? He sighed and looked out of the window, he was lucky that his seat is near the window.
But, Aki was in front of him. He’s still lucky though. It was a win and lose situation after all.

The brunet looked back at his bestfriend, and then smiled at him sincerely, “Hey, are you okay now?” Hayato blinked, and narrowed his eyes,
‘Is he being an asshole or?’

“I’m not, I’m hurt all over.” Hayato replied in a monotoned voice.

“Dude, I’m being seriously serious.” The brunet stated.

“I think I’m going to die, everything hurts.” The red head said in a exagerated tone.

Aki just sighed, “God, you’re such a drama queen sometimes.”

“King.” Hayato replied.

“….Really? Are you sure?” Aki asked.

“Why, yes. Yes, I am.” The red-headed teen replied in a know-it-all voice.

Aki narrowed his eyes in suspicion, the teacher who was going to teach them math came in. Everyone went back to their seats, Aki also looked
back in front then his eyes widen, it was the teacher who did the speech at the school assembly. The blonde guy with blue eyes that looked
really innocent, too innocent for math.

“Hi everyone! I’m your new math teacher!” The blonde smiled brightly.

The students silently thought that this teacher was too innocent, and who smiles brightly in math? Like seriously? They all quietly chatted
with one another.

“This teacher is too weird, man.” One student whispered to his classmates.

“I don’t think so, he’s cute. Just look at him.” Another girl classmate quietly replied.

“No, no, no. Look behind him! He has a dark aura.” Another student disagreed at that comment.

“Guys, cute guys like him are too innocent for math.” The cute girl in class cutely whispered.

They all agreed to that, and then continued on, “Hey, we have Aoyama-san, but this class isn’t even that innocent.” Another girl stated

“Are you telling us that we’re all perverts?” The guys gasped, shocked.

“Aren’t we?” Another guy curiously replied.

“No.” Everyone said.

The teacher suddenly slammed his books, and then said in a low, dark voice while smiling sweetly, “shut up, spawns.”
Everyone didn’t spoke a word, they definitely got it wrong. He wasn’t innocent and all cute.

“While you spawns were discussing about me. I have prepared a problem for you all.” He explain, while still smiling brightly. The students
were definitely wrong. “Anyway, before that.” He quickly added.

“I would like to introduce myself. My name is Tomatsu Yuki.” The blonde teacher brightly smiled, and said all of that in a sing-song voice.

“Sensei?” A random girl student asked.

Yuki looked at the student, and smiled sincerely, “Hm?”

The girl flinched, blushed, then looked away, “How old are you?”

“I can’t answer that question.” He smiled darkly

The student squeaked, and then stuttered “I-Isn’t it a part of m-math, s-sensei?”

He sighed, shooked his head and chuckled, “I’m 21.”

The girls squealed in joy, ‘Yes, he’s not that old!’ was what they thought. And of course, the boys grumbled in envy, another competition.
They already had Aki, then this guy came along.

While the students were all asking random questions about their teachers, Aki was not interested at all, he was just spacing out and looked
outside and observed the scenery. Hayato was listening though, something was definitely weird about this teacher.

“Aki.” The red head tried to get his bestfriend’s attention, but failed.

He tried to do it again, “Aki!” He whispered-yelled, but again, he failed. That man was hard to reach when he’s in his own little world.

“Dude!” And again, in a more loud whispery-yell voice.

Hayato was pissed now, he gasped for air, and yelled, “You dumbass, are you deaf or something?!” While kicking the back of Aki’s chair.

The brunet stumbled in his seat, he winced in pain, his was too tight since Hayato kicked his chair to get his attention, he backed off
and then looked behind him, “What do you want, asshole?!”

The students looked at them, all of their eyes widen, they were shocked. Aki never ever swore like that, well, not always. Hayato was the
one who was always at fault when the brunet swore.

The red head grabbed Aki’s school tie, and then looked him in the eye, “Now, I can’t say it anymore, asswipe.” He said with clenched teeth.

“Well, you didn’t have to do that!!” The brunet stood up, and yelled.

“I got your attention, didn’t I?” Still holding his tie, he stood up also, glared at him and replied.

“What? Are you like a puppy now?” Aki spat back, and also glared at his bestfriend.

“I’m not?! What the hell are you talking about?” Hayato replied in a exagerated manner, again.

“Mom’s here, Hayato-kun~ What do you need?” The brunet said in a sing-song voice, while still glaring.

“I fucking don’t need anything, Aki! I was just going to tell you something!” The red-head yelled at him, his grip getting tighter on Aki’s tie.

Aki looked away from Hayato and tch’ed, “God, you’d be such a loser without me.” he muttered lowly particularly to no one.

Hayato’s green eyes widen with sorrow and shocked at his bestfriend’s statement, he didn’t know what he should reply
since it was true, and also not true at the same time. He looked down, his grip on Aki’s tie getting softer.

Then, the brunet realized what he did, he observed Hayato’s movements and he was sure, that he made his bestfriend upset. Aki tried to
think of a sentence to explain about what he said, that it wasn’t true at all.

“I never needed you.” Hayato quietly replied in an angry tone.

The teacher fake-coughed, and innterupted the arguement, “Alright, you two. Daddy wants you both to shut up.” Yuki said while smiling.

Hayato and Aki both noticed, everyone was watching them. Hayato let go of Aki’s tie, then they silently sat back down and then looked at
outside like nothing happened.

Their classmates murmurred, Hayato and Aki were both arguing again. They didn’t understand why they were “bestfriends” since they always
argued with eachother. It was like if they weren’t together nothing bad would happen. Nothing would change, Aki would have lots of friends
still even if Hayato and him were fighting. But for Hayato— they didn’t know. He’d probably be a murderer without Aki.

“Kanzai-san is such a bully.” One girl whispered to her friend.

“He is, Aoyama-san would be better off without him.” Her classmate replied.

“I know, right? Aoyama-san would probably never know how to swear if he didn’t meet Kanzai-san.”

“It’s a good thing Aoyama-san isn’t afraid of Kanzai-san! He’s so brave, isn’t he?”

Hayato didn’t even bother telling his classmates to fuck off and mind their own business, he was too busy thinking about what his bestfriend
said. After that fight, both of them didn’t talk to eachother, with all that whispering about what happened from their classmates, this
has obviously made Hayato feel worse. He wasn’t a bully.. that was suppose to be a playful fight between them. He didn’t know why the brunet
just suddenly snapped and said that. While Hayato was thinking all of this. Aki was, well, he was just being a dandere at the moment.


A few minutes before Hayato and Aki were arguing

A young girl ran across the hallway, as fast as she can. She was late, obviously. She missed the school assembly and the homeroom period, it
was probably the second period now.

‘Goddammit, I shouldn’t have read all of that yaoi! But it was so good asdhjkdhjfd!! It was definitely worth it’ She smiled and thought to
herself, while running.

As she was running, her scarlet hair was flowing all over. It’s a good thing that her hairstyle was in pigtails, or it couldve been all
over the place. She thought about the things she would do when school will be over, whoop, more yaoi for her.

The consequences of running had to be done, she, of course, bumped someone really hard, really, really hard.


“Goddammit! Shit, my new camera! The papers?! It’s all over the place now!!” The man screamed, and complained.

The girl gasped, she kneeled down, tried to help the man, and grabbed all of the papers. it was her fault after all.
While she was doing this, she apologized over and over.

“I’m so sorry, I’m sorry. I’m sorry. You can have my head if you want! I’m really sorry! I didn’t know— It’s because I’m late and then–”

The man sighed, since his new camera is probably broken now, he couldn’t take random pictures of the new students. He kneeled down,
then tried to grabbed all of the papers also, ‘Ah, I was going to give this to Yuki.’ He looked at the girl, stared at her, and observed.

While the man was observing the girl in front of her, the scarlet haired girl was obviously still apologizing her ass off, he sighed and
groaned, “Look, It’s alright, okay? Just leave me alone and go to your class.”

“No, it isn’t!” She said in teary-voice. “This is my fault! Do I have to pay? You can have that ugly unwanted yaoi mangas I’ve been collecting!”
she added.

“What’s your name?” The man suddenly asked in a curious voice. He didn’t really like yaoi but, damn.

“It’s Arikawa Aria, sir.” The girl now revealed as Aria said, while holding the papers, stood up and bowed.

“Ah, so you really are a freshman.” He said, and stood up also. He cleaned himself up and tried to fix his new camera while standing. He
needed to take a picture of this girl after all. He liked taking pictures of random new students.

“Y-Yes.. how about you, sir?”

“I’m the principal.” He said in a manly tone, now that she looked at the man with a shocked face. He was really, really hot. With his
messy brown hair, and glasses. His suit was obviously the best! He looked like a real mafia seme!

But wait, the principal?! She is so dead. Bumping into the principal on the very first day of school, ugh. Her luck just went down.

“I-I’m so sorry!” She apologized again.

“No need, it’s alright. I think my camera’s alright.” He muttered while tickering with his camera.

“No! But still, I could do something in return!” Aria pleaded.

Shou looked at the girl, and narrowed his eyes, “Well… can you give those papers to Yuki?”

“Yuki?” She said in a confused voice.

“Oh, yea. I forgot, you don’t know him.” Shou grumbled.


He sighed, “Just go to class 4-A and give that to the teacher. The blonde one.” The principal explained.

Then, Aria thought, ‘Is that the principal’s boyfriend?’ she squealed internally.

“Um.. but, I have to go to class, sir.”

“Don’t worry,” He started looking for a piece of paper and pen in his pocket, and scribbled something down. “Here, give this to your teacher
after you give this to Yu– I mean, to the teacher at 4-A” He gave the paper to Aria, and smiled.

‘Oh God, Oh gosh, Mom, thank you for sending me to this school! So much yaoi! The feelings I get– ugh, it hurts so much! Inagoodway.’ She
happily thought.

“Yes, sir.” She bowed down and added, “And thank you very much!”

“There’s no need to thank me.” He awkwardly replied, people thanking him was really new to him. Since, he was always lurking and never did
his job seriously.

“No, really! Thank you so much!” She insisted.

“Eh? What for?” He asked curiously. With that, Aria just winked at him and laughed out loud. Which was really creepy because, damn. Sudden
change of personality again.

Shou stared at her retreating back, his eyes still glinting with curiousity, “Kids these days. We weren’t like that back then.”


As Aria skipped down the hallway, she hummed a tune with delight, the scarlet haired looked thru every classroom. This was really hard for
her since, she’s new here.

‘Class 4-A, class 4-A… hmmm, class– Ah, there it is!’

She ran to the classroom, slowly opened the door, and saw the scene that was happening before her.

The red headed teen kicked the brunet’s chair, the other guy almost getting splatted by his chair, glared at the red head and yelled at the
other guy.

‘T-This scene—!! It’s perfect! Oh my God. Mom, thank you so much for sending me here!’ She happily thought with her eyes glinting with

Aria remembered why she was here, and went inside while everyone was looking at the pair, she slowly went inside the classroom and tugged
the teacher’s shirt.

“Sir, the principal asked me to give this to you.” She whispered, and gave the papers.

The blonde looked at her sincerely, and smiled, “Ah, thank you! I thought that man was slacking-off with his job again.” then chuckled to

Aria stared at the man’s movements, ‘This must be Yuki, he looks cute with his blue eyes and all that blonde hair. Ah, he’s definitely uke.’

While the two were still arguing, “Anyway, shouldn’t you be in class?” The blonde asked her curiously.

“Yes, but I was—–”

“Mom’s here, Hayato-kun~ What do you need?” The brunet cut her off.

“I fucking don’t need anything, Aki! I just wanted to tell you something!”

The brunet, Aki looked away from the red head, Hayato and then muttered something out of ear-shot. The red headed teen looked shocked,
confused and a little bit despressed on what that Aki guy said to him. The Hayato guy then slowly let go of Aki’s tie, then replied
something in return.

The teacher started walking to the center of the room, his hands on his hips, and smiled brightly in an ominous dark aura,
“Alright, you two. Daddy both wants you to shut up.”

The two of them looked at the teacher, rather shocked that everyone was looking at them. They both sat down and looked out of the window
like nothing happened.

Aria looked confused, ‘Wait, what’s happening? They should be lovey-dovey together? Is this some kind of sad scene? Wait, Am I in a sad
and confusing scene when pairs argue with eachother and they won’t talk for the whole day?’ She thought.

Then she heard all of the comments from the other students, that how scary “Kanzai-san” is. That he’s such a bully, why would he even
do that to Aoyama-san. It was all harsh, and also very mean. The red head just ignored all of it though, his hands were clenching into
fists. He was definitely pissed off.

The brunet thought only had an unemotional mask on, it was like he didn’t felt anything at all. Which sadden Aria, that Aki guy should
be protecting that Hayato guy from these people! Isn’t that what couples should do?

While she was observing both of the teens, Yuki quietly went back to her and touched her shoulder, “I think you should go to your class now.”
he smiled.

“Ah, yes. Of course.” She replied, still in a trance and slowly walked out of the classroom.

This school will definitely be interesting. For her, and for everyone else.


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