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The thing I really like the most about project k is its gayness. Especially, SaruMi. uwu ~

The thing I love about these two is that they always fight when they see eachother but when one of them gets hurt (e.g: the scene when misaki’s tattoo hurt, fushimi swiped his hand off.) none of them really care at all if the other one is touching them ! So, this anime (that also has a manga.) was really, really great !

Except for its shitty ending with cliffhangers.



Kuroko No Basuke gets a new season

The most popular shounen manga full of amazing, shippable characters is getting a new season ! Was I expecting this?

Of course I did ! After all, all of the fangirls wanted this and were also expecting it. In the next season, they’ll be facing murasakibara and akashi— which is fricking awesome because wow those guys are definitely badass.

But, I guess they’ll need to animate that part where they also beat Aomine and him being all nice, do they ?