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Swimming Anime ~



I’m pretty happy that swimming anime (free!) gets to be animated instead of being just a hot bishie commercial ; u ; I know that every fangirl wanted this to happen and now, it’s finally happening! aksjdkhdsf but, I’m pretty sad for Rin that he didn’t get to be in the same school as everyone else. Hey, it’s a good thing that they added a megane to compensate lmao.  (so, it’s the complete package now! A shota, tsun, pimp and a megane!)

The new pv was awesome as hell, introducing all of the main characters and fanservice huehuehuehue. I’m also sure everyone has watched since this is a late review orz but, yea.

From what I’ve read on tumblr though, their relationships are also pretty interesting ! It’s cute as hell, and yesss bestfriends 5ever. So yes, this is their relationship:

“for anyone who doesnt know the swimming anime relationships yet
  • ok so basically everyone was in the same swimming club in elementary school except for rei (megane-kun/new dude) and now rin (pimp-kun) is at a different rival hs
  • nanase haruka (tsun): admired by rei, rivals with rin, admired by nagisa, best friends with makoto. 2nd year at iwatobi high school
  • matsuoka rin (pimp) : in the same swimming club as haruka, makoto, and nagisa in elementary school; rivals with haruka. 2nd year at samezuka academy
  • ryugasaki rei (megane): makoto’s kouhai, same grade as nagisa
  • tachibana makoto (senpai): friends with nagisa, rei’s senpai, best friends with haruka
  • hazuki nagisa (shota): same grade as haruka, friends with makoto, looks up to haruka”

(c) highcollargirl

I have also heard that it’ll be release on July 13th (is that right or–?) so, I really can’t wait for it !